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Put short, it could be said that Environgas' tehnology saves environment, money and resources.

Rapid Purge Technology

Obstacles in current process

How it works

Presentation of technology
  Rapid Purge Technology

The Rapid Purge Technology is patented and enables a liquefied gas carrier to deliver its complete cargo to the destination harbour and be ready for another, different, cargo.

This is done without any emissions, and in much shorter time than what is the case with conventional liquefied gas carriers of same size and type.

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1. Discharge of first cargo (liquid and gas). Bellow is empty.
discharge of first cargo

2. Rest of gas phase from tank into bellow and inflates the bellow.
rest of gas phase from tank to bellow

3. The bellow is inflated. There is no volume outside the bellow inside the tank.
bellow inflated

4. The bellow deflates as CO2 is discharged from the bellow while LPG gas is introduced to the tank outside the bellow.
discharge of CO2 from bellow

5. The bellow is empty and the tank is full of LPG.
bellow empty, tank of LPG
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