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Environgas' mission: Cost efficient solutions for environmentally friendly CO2 transport.

Rapid Purge Technology saves time, money and the environment.

The concept


Presentation of concept

To minimize the unit costs of transportation, Environgas recognizes that a dualtrade is necessary. There are, however, some issues with this.

On cargo change, tank purging is necessary in order to avoid contamination of the other cargo. Today's purging procedures includes leaving harbour between cargo change with release of gas mixes into the atmosphere, thus being polluting, time consuming and expensive.

(See details on Technology page)

This is the rationale for Environgas' Rapid Purge Technology, which makes dualtrade a viable endeavour.

The Rapid Purge Technology can in theory be applied with any liquefied gas cargoes. Environgas is of this date, however, focusing mainly on the technology's application on CO2 transport with LPG as return cargo.
  Rapid Purge Technology:
saving time, money, and the environment

Enables rapid cargo change
without any emissions
Enables dualtrade
Environmentally friendly
Increased revenue
Most efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 transport
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