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Environgas' mission: Cost efficient solutions for environmentally friendly CO2 transport.

Rapid Purge Technology saves time, money and the environment.

The concept


Presentation of concept

  Environgas' concept

Rarely does it happen that a game changing technology comes along without any side effects. In the case of Environgas we are proud to announce that our technology is exactly one such rare example.

The use of the technology enables a liquefied gas carrier to its complete cargo to the destination port and be ready for another, different, cargo. This is done without any emissions, and in much shorter time than what is the case with conventional liquefied gas carriers of same size and type.
  Rapid Purge Technology:
saving time, money and the environment

Enables rapid cargo change
without any emissions
Enables dualtrade
Environmentally friendly
Increased revenue
Most efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 transport
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