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Who we are

Environgas is company founded on the key technology for gas phase separation.

The Environgas team

Technology consortium members
The Environgas team
Martin SigmundMstad   Martin SigmundMstad (Msc)

Director for business development in Ipark. Mr. Sigmundstad has extensive industrial experience within product development and commercialisation of spinn-off companies. In addtion, Mr. Sigmundstad has 17 years’ experience as manager of the technology license department within StatoilHydro and as manager of the department for industrialization and commercialization.
Egil Sæl Egil Sæl (PhD)
Board Member

Holds a PhD in engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. He has a broad and extensive experience from both conventional- and oil industries. Over the years he has been involved in strategic work as vice president within areas such as production, refinery and gas transport. In addition, to the above, Mr. Sæl has had held external seats such as Head of The Norwegian Oil Industry Association, (OLF) and board member of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).
Ola Ravndal
  Ola Ravndal (BSc)
General Manager

Holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University in the UK. He has extensive experience from the Shipping and Marine industry specialising in odd tonnage for Chemical and hydrocarbon transport, including the now establised shuttle tanking business. Mr. Ravndal is both the inventor of the Technology and founder of the Company.

  About Environgas

Environgas is a technology company founded on the patented Rapid Purge Technology. The company is run by people with extensive experience and backgrounds from international oil and shipping business.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Mr. Martin Sigmundstad
Board Member: Mr. Egil Sæl
General Manager: Ola Ravndal